Four emerging trends from the 10th annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Copenhagen Fashion Summit began in 2009 with a handful of brands that were beginning to connect the dots between sustainability and fashion. At the time it was very much a niche, with connotations of beige hemp tunics and a widely held view that this would never be a core part of the fashion industry. TenContinue reading “Four emerging trends from the 10th annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit”

Colombia’s organic cotton industry: small but perfectly formed

Colombia is little known for it’s organic cotton industry, however it’s biodiversity and agricultural legacy could make it one to watch. Being one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, with a year-round temperate climate, Colombia is blessed with the ideal conditions for producing cotton. According to Colombian fashion expert Rocio Arias Hofman, untilContinue reading “Colombia’s organic cotton industry: small but perfectly formed”

Sustainable fashion jargon guide

Ethical, fair trade, sustainable, recycled, regenerative… With so many new and changing terms floating around it can sometimes seem like there’s a whole language of sustainable fashion which can be confusing for customers, brands, and suppliers alike. I have put together this collection of sustainable fashion jargon to help you understand the different terms toContinue reading “Sustainable fashion jargon guide”